There is something about comedians and cars. The king of comedian car collectors is arguably Jay Leno, who was once the king of late-night TV. Jerry Seinfeld also has an impressive collection, including an untold number of vintage Porsches. But not to be outdone is Gabriel Iglesias, whose large collection of vintage VW Transporters rivals his larger-than-life persona. 

Known as Fluffy, Gabriel Iglesias has long had a thing for Volkswagens, with the Type 1 and Type 2 or Transporters being his favorite. He's even worked the Transporter into his act, referencing it and driving one onto the stage at Dodger Stadium during a standup performance. 

Whether you call VW's small van a Bus, Transporter, Kombi, Samba, or Bulli, the air-cooled version was originally made from 1950 to 1979. It came in different styles and configurations, including a minibus, panel truck, pickup truck, and camper. The air-cooled versions were powered by everything from a 1.1-liter flat four-cylinder engine making 24 horsepower to a 2.0-liter 70-horsepower four-cylinder. 

Fluffy's VW Transporters also come in different styles and use a variety of engines. In addition to the original air-cooled flat-four VW powerplants, several Buses were converted to Subaru engines, and several are electric. All of them are in immaculate condition and are ready to drive. The collection is what Iglesias lovingly calls the "Gabriel Iglesias VW Fluffy Museum," which he says is like "Disneyland for people who love Volkswagen."

Iglesias bought his first VW Transporter, a 1968 Volkswagen Type 2, for $700. Today his bus collection is worth over $3 million. He also owns a mixture of other cars, including both vintage and modern muscle. The collection may not be as vast or diverse as the one Jay Leno has cultivated over the years, but it is impressive in its own right.  

Old VW Transporters have grown in popularity and appreciated in value in recent years. The new VW ID.Buzz which is expected out next year will likely only increase that popularity. Available in a regular and long wheelbase version the new electric microvan should appeal to people wanting a practical electric vehicle as well as lovers of original vintage VWs. 

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