The world is littered with abandoned cars. They’re tucked away in garages, hiding in barns, and rotting in forests and fields. One such example might have been tossed aside a bit too soon, with a 1987 Land Rover Range Rover found abandoned in a forest in Wales with just 23,000 miles on the odometer.

The outside of the Land Rover is covered in a thick layer of grime, with the hood hiding under decaying leaves and icky green lesions. The cabin is now a makeshift garage packed with other forgotten belongings, but a fairly pristine interior lurks underneath the stuff. The buttons in the center console remain shiny, and the dials on the dash are still clearly visible, revealing the 23,000-mile odometer reading.

The Range Rover’s low mileage is noticeable under the hood. The engine bay is dirty from years in the woods, but the engine looks to be in good condition, as does the SUV’s underbody. A sticker shows it was last registered for the road in 2005 and has likely been sitting there since then. The tires, with still a considerable amount of tread left, are completely flat.

The Range Rover was found sitting sandwich between an old Subaru Impreza and another Land Rover. Both are in dismal condition, covered in sap, grime, and dirt, with flat tires and their wheels sunk into the ground. 

A check of the low-mileage Range Rover’s license plate reveals it’s a 1987 model, according to The Land Rover was originally blue, which is kind of visible through the dirt. Under the hood is the automaker’s 3.5-liter V8 engine, which was rated at 165 horsepower 35 years ago and has a top speed of 107 miles per hour.

What compels someone to just abandoned a car in the woods? It’s a tad sad that a person parked it there, walked away, and never returned. The car and stuff in it mattered to someone at some point, but now it all sits rotting. The SUV might not be in excellent condition, but its low-milage status would make it a great candidate for restoration.

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