BMW is making progress on its new X2. This isn't the first time we've caught a prototype in public, but now we're seeing a bit more of the crossover's face. New spy photos show what we think is an M35i trim with some of its heavier camouflage coverings removed.

Focus your attention on the front fascia. Previously, those lower vents were partially blocked by hard covers but they're now gone. As such, it's easy to see the angled sides of the lower openings, reaching inward at the top in a manner that lines up with the bottom corners of the grille. Slim vertically-oriented vents at the sides of the fascia are also clearly visible.

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The front clip looks rather aggressive. That, combined with some beefy brakes behind the front wheels and a modest spoiler at the back leads us to think this is an amped-up trim level, likely an M35i or possibly an M40i. The quad exhaust outlets further confirm that theory, but this isn't a full-fat X2 M model. Purveyors of hardcore BMW performance wanting an SUV will have to step up for an X3, or an X4 to get the coupe-like fastback styling of the X2.

Speaking of styling, the next-gen X2 won't be an evolutionary step as we often see with new BMW models. The small crossover looks larger overall, with a wider profile and a shape more reminiscent of the X4 versus the lifted hatchback vibe of the current model. It will share its platform with the X1, effectively serving as the sleeker version of the small SUV. That also means the interior layout will likely be the same, and you can expect matching powertrains as well. For the M35i (or M40i) we suspect that's the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder making 306 horsepower.

We've seen X2 prototypes testing for quite some time now. Our first sighting was in October 2022, surprising us with its size and shape to the point that we initially thought it was an updated X4. With some camo now coming off, we feel confident a full debut will happen by the end of the year, making the new X2 a 2024 model.

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