The Chevrolet Corvette C8 became the first generation of the sports car to get a right-hand-drive configuration straight from the factory when it made its Japanese debut two years ago. Just recently, the Corvette Z06 was also launched in the Asian country with just a single color combination. If you go for the Corvette Stingray, however, you’ll have new customization options in the country in the form of two limited edition models.

Chevrolet is introducing the Limited Racing Style Edition and Limited Sport Style Edition in Japan as a nod to the company’s rich motorsport heritage. Each of the models is limited to just 35 units and will be available in two color combos and as a coupe or a convertible. The vehicles are already available for orders but before we see the pricing, let’s talk about the visual upgrades they have received.

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Starting with the Corvette Limited Racing Style Edition, it will be sold in Hypersonic Gray or Arctic White colors with blue or red interior accents, respectively. Depending on the exterior color, the two full-length racing stripes are in black or red. The side mirror caps and the rear spoiler have a naked carbon fiber finish, while the 20-spoke aluminum alloy wheels are finished in gloss black and hide red brake calipers. 

The Corvette Limited Sport Style Edition, in turn, is a more elegant and stylish take on the sports car with a focus on the interior. The exterior lacks the racing stripes and instead, comes with a striking yellow color or a more boring black alternative. The seats inside the cabin are covered with fine Nappa leather and yellow seatbelts. 

The most affordable Corvette Limited Racing Style Edition starts at $105,000 (14,900,000 Japanese Yen) for a Coupe 2LT in white. Go for the black Corvette Convertible and it will set you back at least $129,600 (18,400,000 Japanese Yen). If you’d rather have the Corvette Limited Sport Style Edition, prepare to spend at least $103,585 (14,700,000 Japanese Yen) for a yellow Corvette Coupe 2LT and $128,250 (18,200,000 Japanese Yen) for a yellow Corvette Convertible.

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